Biblical Grief Management from the Life of Job:

Begin with faith in God. Job 1-2
(Begin with faith, conclusion) Job 1-2
Trust God to manage calamity. Job 3 (Sorry, not available.)
Find comfort in God's love. Job 4-7
Strengthen faith thru patience. Job 8-10
Hope thou in God. Job 11-14
Develop a Network of Support. Job 15-17
Write out your statement of faith. Job 18-19
Focus beyond the grave. Job 20-21
Know that God understands. Job 22-24
(Know that God, conclusion) Job 22-24
Fear the Lord, depart from evil. Job 25-28
Commit your ways to God. Job 29-1
Know God is working for you. Job 32-33
Stand firm, God rewards faith. Job 34-35
Don't try to figure God out. Job 36-37
Abhor selfish pride. Job 38-41
Serve God by serving others. Job 42

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